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Project No Labels

Our community is a beautiful one and, here at PNL, we like to share this beauty with Tampa Bay and the world. And we do so through countless mediums: our amazing volunteerism, activism and voice, creative social gatherings, and by creating a safe atmosphere for everyone regardless of orientation, gender, religion, color, beliefs.

We believe that the things that separate us can also be what unites us, and our mission is to unite. 

What People Say About PNL


You are a true light helping guide people through a "not always bright" world. Organizations like you make it easier for mom's like me to mold my children into better adults. Love without boundaries.


I love the impact this organization, leaders and associates make on the community. Love for all! From the clean ups to benefits, i cant stress enough the positivity they bring to everyone! Faith in humanity restored!


Project No Labels is a dedicated organization full of caring and diverse individuals, committed to promoting positive connections and unity within their community and neighboring communities. They embody love and acceptance for all.

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