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   Our Mission Statement

Uniting the LGBTQ+ community with our straight allies through positive activities and events while promoting volunteerism & activism.

Pride Legacy Awards 03.21.2020

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About Us

Project No Labels Makes Downtown St. Pete Official Homebase!

In 2015, Project No Labels set forth on a mission to empower and strengthen our Tampa Bay LGBTQ+ community. We want the world to see our community for all its glory, vibrance, liveliness, and dedication to living our true selves.


Our community is a beautiful one and, here at PNL, we like to share this beauty with Tampa Bay and the world. And we do so through countless mediums: our amazing volunteerism, activism and voice, creative social gatherings, and by creating a safe atmosphere for everyone regardless of orientation, gender, religion, color, beliefs.


We believe that the things that separate us can also be what unites us, and our mission is to unite. 



As we work tirelessly to leave a positive, uplifting influence on the Tampa Bay area, we also work hard to combat the darker side that plagues our LGBTQ+ community…. because as we all know, a beautiful rainbow only comes after it endures much rain.


To have a strong presence in community, business, networking, we must also promote strength from within. 


If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health, including but not limited to orientation, gender, and identity issues, please check out our mental health page and consider our affordable mental health program through our partnership with Dr. Katie Shubert, Psychotherapist.

If you’re interested in making a generous contribution to help in our goal of unity and empowerment, please visit our support and sponsorship page. 

If you want to contribute your time and skills to an amazing cause, please fill out our volunteer form.

If you simply want to join in on all the fun and celebrate our beautiful community with us, please visit our events page.


Here at PNL, what separates us unites us. 

And our family is only getting bigger!


A very special thanks to all the beautiful souls that weave the dream together and make it all happen!

We could not do it without all our volunteers, sponsors, partners, and allies that have joined us and our mission from all walks of life.

Thank you Project No Labels. You are a true light helping guide people through a "not always bright" world. Organizations like you make it easier for mom's like me to mold my children into better adults. Love without boundaries. Keep up the great work!!!

-Linda Wise

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