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Project No Labels Makes Downtown St. Pete Official Homebase!

Two and a half years ago, Project No Labels set forth on a mission to unite our Tampa Bay LGBTQ+ community for the betterment of all. By doing so, non-stop volunteer opportunities, social gatherings, and exciting events are provided to create an atmosphere of positivity and tolerance within our community! But did you know the events and activities were by way of 11 key players from humble apartments, working in cars between careers and other responsibilities, coffee shops, a storage unit, and other locations? For the above reasons, Project No Labels is proud to announce the grand opening of our new place to call home in downtown St. Petersburg! This is a physical office where organizational work is planned and executed and a place you can eventually visit for pertinent information, resources, and much more. We are incredibly grateful to all of those who helped us achieve this goal - especially our generous sponsors at Hands Across the Bay, Tammy Thomas, and Soma De Gaia! We are thankful for your incredibly kind donations leading to this milestone occuring for Project No Labels. Also, thank you to our passionate and capable community partners, and of course, our selfless and dedicated volunteers! Now that we have a home-base, we’re enabled to augment our capabilities in and services provided for our community! We are humbled and honored to see this benchmark achieved and we’re excited to see what the future holds for Project No Labels, Tampa Bay’s LGBTQ+ community, and beyond! Thank you for being a part of this journey with us. We couldn’t do it without you!

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