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VIRTUAL GIVING DAY - Postponed Pride Legacy Awards

To all of our nominees and supporters, First and foremost, we would like to thank you for your support for Project No Labels and The 2nd Annual Pride Legacy Awards. It is with a heavy heart that we inform you that in light of the most current news coming in very rapidly from city and state leadership, we have decided it would be in the public's best interest for us to postpone the 2nd Annual Pride Legacy Awards. Large gatherings where an infected individual can pass this virus along to a large amount of people is strongly discouraged. While elderly individuals and those with compromised immune systems are at higher risk, someone who doesn't show symptoms or effects can still pass this along. The public's health and safety will always be in the forefront of our responsibility as an organization. This was not an easy decision to make. We know all of your were really looking forward to this event and so were we. Pride Legacy Awards is also one of the two Project No Labels' Signature Benefit Event we hold per year in order to raise funds for our programs and operating cost. It is also a time where we really raise awareness about our organization and the important work we do. Despite the unfortunate timing, we are optimistic about receiving your support, in the decision of putting your safety first, and plan to move towards with an online giving platform on March 21st, the day of the event. We are not completely canceling Pride Legacy Awards. We will be closely monitoring the updates coming in from our City Leaders, Florida Department of Health, CDC and the World Health Organization and setting a future date when this issue is a bit more contained. As we had mentioned before, the news coming in regarding COVID19 is fluid and rapidly changing. Please tune in to this event page for the most current and accurate information about the rescheduled date for the 2nd Annual Pride Legacy Awards. We will be posting an update here with the new time and date once we get some good news from City, State and Health Officials. We thank you for your patience and support during this difficult time and we look forward to celebrating with you once we are in the clear! Thank you again for your patience and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have cause. If you have purchased a ticket or you are an award nominee for this event, we will be contacting you directly in the next couple of days. Please keep an eye for our email. We wish all of you love, health and peace of mind and hopefully we can all get together sooner than later! Take care of yourself and each other. See you soon! To help fuel Project No Labels efforts and mission please visit:

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Skylar Fitzwater
Skylar Fitzwater
13. März 2020

Thank you very much

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